Drug Awareness Talks and Training

There are many speakers in South Africa who currently do talks to schools, businesses, churches and corporates regarding drugs, but one in particular is making waves.

Quintin van Kerken is the name on everyone's lips at the moment. But who is he?

Quintin currently runs a highly successful media and communications company, and is well-known throughout the media industry for his graphic design, editing and journalistic prowess. What many do not know or realise is that up until a few short years ago, Quintin was fighting a horrible addiction to drugs.

Heroin, cocaine, cat, tik, ecstasy, marijuana, LSD, mushrooms are all drugs that Quintin was well acquainted with.

“I was once asked what I was addicted to – heroin, cat, E, LSD, cocaine – and I asked if I had to choose only one...” he says.

Quintin tailors his talks to each audience, ensuring that the message is heard and understood by every listener.

“You have to know how to reach your audience. If it's a high school, I'll put on jeans, a cap and make sure I've got some serious bling earrings in. If it's a lady's tea, I tend to put on a suit and tie. Language is also very important; teens speak a very different language to a woman's auxiliary group,” Quintin tells us.

There's not much you can teach Quintin about drugs. “Drugs were a big part of my life for over 10 years. I made it my business to know everything about them. I manufactured drugs, I distributed and sold drugs, and I abused them as well. I made it my business to know all the effects and side effects as well.”

Quintin's story will amaze and shock you. “My heart has stopped twice, I have had rival dealers put hits out on me, I have done things for drugs that would make the average person nauseous, and I know exactly how it feels to have a gun put against my head and the trigger being pulled...”

For more information, contact Quintin at quintinvankerken@gmail.com, or alternatively call him at (+27) 81 577 7715

Quintin also offers families help with interventions, counseling and advice.

Quintin is the founder of the Anti Drug Alliance South Africa.